Horny Kristin Davis pussy-playing in a classroom

September 13th, 2016 by J

Ah, they just keep coming while she leaves her audience cumming hard. Kristin Davis just can’t get enough of herself being on the spotlight when it comes to all these naughty sex tapes of hers. It’s one of the perks of not being attached nor committed to some man who will hold her back into doing anything that makes her happy. And even when these things could mean doing wild things, which would either make or break her career. So far, she’s made more new fans after letting one of her kinky clips slip and get lost in the wide world of the web. And now she’s making waves again with this hot classroom masturbation video and she looks totally hardcore in it. Stripping naked to reveal those meaty breasts and dildoing her wet cunt while naked on a chair seems typical of any horny chick playing but this is inside a classroom and anyone can burst in and catch her in action, which made it way more exciting. Unfortunately, nobody was lucky enough to see her that time but she didn’t want to waste this naughty clip and decided to share to you all. Watch her cream that twat and make a big mess on the floor.

Busty Kristin Davis enjoys playing with herself inside a classroom

Wild Kristin Davis having sex by the pool side

April 19th, 2016 by J

Kristin Davis enjoys role playing and one of the many characters she likes to portray is someone’s babysitter. She gets aroused when she gets to suck and fuck an older man’s boner then gets his hot sticky jizz inside her mouth while the househelp films their every angle!

Kristin Davis enjoys hardcore sex by the pool

Kristin Davis recent sex pics

May 3rd, 2010 by kristin

So we’ve all seen Kristin Davis sex tape and how wild of a whore she is. You may remember the image of Kristin Davis sucking a cock and posing fully naked in the bathroom. If you’re like anyone with a thing for hot milfs getting down and dirty infront of the camera, then I’m sure you will like these latest Kristin Davis naked pics.

Seen here in these shots is Kristin Davis riding a fat cock squealing like a little girl. What a wild nymph, this brunette beauty is. She usually takes on mother or girl next door roles but what she does in the premises of her own home is nothing like it. Here’s another shot of Kristin Davis pussy getting fucked on the floor with her tits groped. Dying to see more of this hot bitch in action? Check out more of Kristin Davis fuck pics over here.

The Kristin Davis Sex Tape

August 14th, 2008 by kristin

Here’s what everybody’s been talking about lately, and why all the other naughty stuff about Kristin Davis is so believable.  It’s Kristin Davis’ sex tape, which has been released onto the internet, and whose screencaps like this have been seen by almost all horny male “Sex and the City” fans out there.  Yes, there are male fans of that show, and we’re straight too.  In the video, you can see just how good Kristin Davis is at sucking cock, among other things she’s good at.  Hearing Charlotte York get banged and moaning with pleasure for real is a wet dream come true, don’t you think?  Now all we need is sex tapes from the other three leads and we can have a “Sluts in the City” marathon of our own while the girls go watch the original series!  We’ll stick with our XXX version, thanks…

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Orgy And The City

August 14th, 2008 by kristin

Did any of you guys know that Cynthia Nixon of “Sex and the City” fame (and nothing else, it seems) is now a card-carrying lesbian who’s planning on marrying her lesbian lover?  She certainly wasn’t one before the show, having had two children with her ex-boyfriend Danny Mozes, so she must have really had her mind expanded by all that sex talk from the show.  Or maybe she learned how to love twat by participating in orgies with other cast members of the show, like Kristin Davis.  We’ve got an incriminating image here of Kristin and Cynthia sharing one hard dude, with Kristin taking that cock up her slit while Cynthia gets her pussy licked.  Who knows what else happened there and who else got to lick Cynthia’s pussy, but with what’s been revealed about Kristin recently, would it really be such a big stretch to think she’s been a huge carnal influence on Cynthia?

For more of Kristin Davis getting down and dirty in various ways, check out this site, and see her do the things they only talked about on “Sex and the City”…

Kristin Davis Shaves Her Pussy And Goes Skinny-Dipping

August 14th, 2008 by kristin

Well, if there’s one thing that “Sex and the City” taught women, it’s that they have to look their best every day!  Like Cynthia Nixon said, those women on the show never wore the same outfit twice!  And with all the talk about Manolo Blahnik shoes, designer clothes, and sex, it’s only natural that the values women have picked up from the show are all about materialism and promiscuity.  And we love them for that!  Well, at least for the promiscuity part.

The ladies who played those characters certainly have become more fashionable ever since they did that show, so that’s another good influence, and here we have one of our favorite examples of the good effects “Sex and the City” have had on their stars.  As we can see, Kristin Davis loves getting naked at home, walking around without any clothes on, which we all like to do in the comfort of our own abode.  But while she used to sport a bushy furburger, as seen in one pic, now she’s got a smooth snatch to go with her sexy nudity.

We’re sure she’s taking better care of her looks because of all the lessons she’s learned playing one of the four sluts on “Sex and the City”, and we salute that show for indirectly giving us these sweet, hot photos of Kristin enjoying her swimming pool while showing off a nicely waxed cunny.  And if you want more views of that pussy, then just click on this link, and you’ll get all the naughty Kristin Davis images you want!

Kristin Davis Topless

August 14th, 2008 by kristin

If you’ve got the hots for Kristin Davis, or even just her Charlotte York character, then this is the best place thing start indulging your fantasies with — a topless shot of Kristin!  She started off with some hot lingerie, but it looks like it got her really horny, because soon she pulled that lingerie top down while pushing the crotch aside.  And that’s what you have here — Kristin Davis touching her pussy while playing with the nipple of one of her titties.  Even though she played the most conservative one among the four girls on “Sex and the City”, it looks like she could give Samantha Jones a run for her money in real life.  Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones…

She doesn’t stay quiet for long though, because some Kristin Davis sex is going to be part of the equation in the future, especially when you click on that link back there.  Remember how she used to moan back on the TV show?  Yeah, you’ll hear that again soon enough…